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About Lakshmi Krishnamurthy

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A gifted alumnus of the Kalakshetra Foundation, Lakshmi Krishnamurthy, better known as Lakki was born and brought up in a small village tucked within the folds of Thanjavur, “The granary of the South” in Tamil Nadu. The sylvan surroundings and the simple sharing concept of the agricultural fraternity helped her develop an aura of sensitivity to the sublime harmony around her.


Influenced by a historical novel on Raja Raja Chola and her Tamilian roots, she was instantly attracted to exploring the cultural inheritance of the land. Raja Raja Chola became the Hero Supreme and the words of Michelangelo “free the figures slumbering in the stone” the motto. 

The yearning for all things traditional, rooted in the Agamas (traditional scripture), Iconographic Codes and Art History kindled the fire for research work. A freelance research scholar, restorer, artist and guru to many seekers of Traditional Painting, Lakki is currently the Head of the Visual Arts Department, Rukmini Devi College of Fine Arts, Kalakshetra Foundation in Chennai.                    

Having exhibited in a number of art shows, Lakki's artwork finds a home in private and institutional collections in India and abroad. On the research front, she has worked as one of the Art Directors on the "Encyclopaedia of Hinduism" project spanning 10 volumes across 20 years, published by the India Heritage Research Foundation. Lakki is frequently invited to deliver presentations and research talks related to her tryst with the fine arts, the history of Indian art & Pan-Indian art forms. She was recently felicitated by the Kalakshetra Foundation on International Women‘s Day (2020) in recognition of her valuable service to the organisation. For a more detailed artist bio, please get in touch using the Contact section.


Studio Paramparyam is the physical and creative space in which Lakshmi spends her days and nights creating masterful works of art, inspired by various traditional art forms.

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