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Artist's Philosophy

An Interpretation of Indian Art

Indian art may be seen as unique and different from many other parts of the world in the aspect that the technique is subject to little modification and is passed down generations which continue the tradition. Although this may seem to contain the individual artistic intent of the creator, Lakki firmly believes that infinite flexibility may be explored even within such parameters. The artist plays a vital role not only as an intuitive creator, but has a far bigger responsibility - a contextual & cultural role.

Integrity of Material

An imitation of a material’s nature, quality or visual appearance is the easiest way to destroy the true expression it conveys through its inherent nature. Art consists of combining various materials, textures and articles to create something, which has intent and evokes response. Lakki abides by the belief that it remains the responsibility of an ethical artist to carefully use materials to demonstrate their nature and integrity in the right sense.

Inspired Concepts

Lakki's firm belief is that the easiest way to destroy one’s creativity is to succumb to copy. Whether it is a folk, tribal, classical or contemporary work, artistic appreciation, analysis and an awareness of the sentiments of the creator is a prime requisite before setting out on the journey. At Studio Paramparyam, Lakki aims at understanding the fabric of Indian Art through her evolving works, which capture the energy and vitality of a nation so diverse and rich in heritage.

An Odyssey into the realms of the Fine Arts


A Mystical Journey Through Innovational Iconography

Iconographic codes define the art of representing the gods and goddesses of religious pantheons by pictures or images. They offer such extensive variations possible that they are not inhibitive and could easily be the springboards for picturisation making innovative creativity a dream comes true.


A Voyage of Discovery in Pursuit of Paramparyam

The innovative creation of the palette, the brushes and the canvas for producing wonderful kaleidoscopic marvels from locally available materials – from snow-capped mountains to windswept deserts, from rainforests to sandy beaches, from hilly plantations to fertile plains - this is the living tradition of Indian art, the Paramparyam, which continues even today. This continuation of the tradition could create research thesis in visual formats, based on the concepts given or chosen. 


Wandering "afoot and light-hearted“ through the infinite treasure trove that is Nature... 

Be it a drop of water creating patterns on the floor or a ray of sunlight lighting up just a hidden flower, be it the splash of colours on the sky when the sun rises and sets or the waves breaking up into patterns - these moments create such lasting impressions as aptly expressed by Jonathan Livingstone's Seagull about the infinite treasure trove that is Nature.

An Explorative Cruise through Pastures New

Paving the way for an extension of the arts through ---

Applied Arts, which aims at providing a mélange of quality products for the demanding connoisseur, as well as,

Allied Arts, that could transform any surface, be it marble or granite into a canvas again to create an ambience all its own. Engagements include designing and executing logos, interiors, wedding décor, backdrop and props for dance dramas with an ethnic touch to customer requirements.

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