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Embark on the Odyssey into the realms of the Fine Arts. Explore the Trisakthi series, which mingles extensive iconographic research with unique creative expression...or discover Pan-Indian art techniques through the Elixir series which explores the Churning of the Ocean in a traditional Kerala mural style using lime and coconut water... or journey across the creative landscape to the Metamorphosis series which seamlessly transforms flora and fauna into inspired jewelry designs. 

  • Ezhil Devi Goddess Painting Traditional Indian


  • Adithya%2520Hridayam_edited_edited.jpg


  • swamimalai%20copy_edited.jpg

    The 6 Abodes of Murugan



  • Hope_edited.jpg
  • Mesmeriser.JPG

    Blue God Series

  • IMG_0372%20copy%20Elixir%20-%204_edited.
  • chidambaram temple complex.jpg

    Pilgrimage Series

  • Paradisal Realm of Light.JPG

    Birds of Paradise

  • Vasantharudhu- Spring - Copy.JPG


  • Metamorphosis

  • Panchabhutas

  • Painted Marble.jpg

    Allied & Applied Arts

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