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The Hindu | 28th October 2019

"...diversity is evident in art forms all over India and in Lakshmi’s work as well. Delicate murals from Kerala in pastel shades, stone-studded intricate Thanjavur style-art, glass paintings with a multi-dimensional effect, tempera and miniatures as well as Warli, Madhubani and Pithora painitings are all part of her repertoire."

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The New Indian Express | 15th October 2019

"Over the last several years, Chennai-based artist Lakshmi Krishnamurthy, an alumnus of the Kalakshetra Foundation, has been focussed on creating awareness on the various Indian art forms with the single minded vision of not relegating them to museum shelves alone..."

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The Hindu | 9th April 2017

“ 'Founder Rukmini Devi had said Kalakshetra was created in order that India may once again revive and develop its ancient culture and set a standard of true Art in its new life after freedom, and the unique visual arts course evolved to stay true to that aim,' says artist Lakshmi (Krishnamurthy), who is in-charge of the department."

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The Hindu | 29th March 2019

"(Lakshmi) learnt various mural traditions, Thanjavur painting, glass painting and folk styles among others, bolstered by her penchant for academic research....Appointed as HOD in 2011, Lakshmi consolidated the syllabus as a tribute to her predecessor and guru."


“When I came in, I never thought that I am walking into (such a) great knowledge treasure, depicted in the form of Fine Art Paintings. So many stories and so many colours were mixed, churned out as fabulous, amazing and gorgeous paintings. I am awe struck at each one’s beauty. Definitely I could see Lakshmi madam’s soul has taken different forms from time to time to bring out these antiques.“

- Rajaram Kolle, Lions Club President, 2016

“I can see many many years of hard work and research have gone into this. Minute details of the temples have also been brought out. Iconography too has been highlighted.”

- Chitra Madhavan, Art Historian, 2016

“The commitment of the artist to bring in the spiritual, religious and the artistic display in the paintings is admirable”

- Dr. Nirmala Subramanyam, 2016

“I observed in her paintings a very highly elaborated understanding of the traditional Tanjore style & the highly refined quality of workmanship especially her draftsmanship in drawing and brush work done with tremendous patience and deftness”

K.S. Viswambara, Senior Artist, 2014

“I have done a lot of research on art but only occasionally come across someone as serious and playful as (Lakshmi). ”

- Marujka Svajek, Researcher, 2012

The exhibition is the visual mirror index of L.K.’s both inspirational and perspirational efforts for Fine Arts with an inward appeal -  that too to adorn the prism of it in its superlative pedestal in contemporary completeness L.K.’s dedication appears divine and her devotion surpasses comparables…”

- Dr. A. Pannerselvam I.A.S., 2009

‘ … The use of various styles is an exploration into the realms of the divine “

– Keshav, Artist and Cartoonist, The Hindu, 2009


“We have a few flashes with divinity in life time – and this is one such.”

- Mrs. Vijaya Rajan (Craft Council of India) and Mr. Rajan, 2009

“Surrounded by beauty at every step of your abode. Your love for the art bounces out of every painting – giving it that particular “Lakshmi’s touch”

- Leela Samson, 2008


“Sharing space with the artist in her darkened studio with its luminescent Tanjores, the lyricism of the Lepashi- Vijayanagar Style-murals, fresco style paintings, exquisite miniatures, glass paintings and Madhubani panels … is to experience the poetry and passion of India’s traditional art forms .. which she pursues and nurtures with incredible talent, imagination and an unerring eye for sheer visual beauty”

– Mrs.Pushpa Chari, Art Critic, The Hindu, 2006

Tradition of Parampara provides an artist with the base for the creative process, but the way ahead opens up only when the artist is inspired to transmit his or her own aesthetic ecstasy. After creating a great body of artistic work, Lakshmi now has the resilience to build a rich vocabulary with simple units – such as the 10 incarnations of Vishnu… In the Dasavathara Fresco, she finds a parallel of Darwin’s theory of evolution, where life began in water, moved on to land and took various forms and shapes till it reached the human form.There by, in her imagination, she runs the entire gamut of civilization, ending up with man, the dispenser of magic- man holding within himself the truth of eternal- her versatile imagination makes the murals unearthly, as though touched with the light of the sky”

– Ms. Anjali Circar, Art Critic,The New Indian Express, 2001


“Most of the artists would camouflage their lack of skill with overt craftsmanship, but lakshmi has nothing to hide and the viewers eye in not only her draughtsmanship but also her depth of knowledge of the various mediums that she has learnt”

- Sri.Ranjan De, Art Critic, The New Indian Express, 2000

"The wide range of subject and the techniques adopted are a tribute to the artist’s versatility,depth of understanding and her artistic insightto bring out the best in style”

– Dr.K.V.Raman, Prof. of Archaeology (Retd.), Madras University, September 2000

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